From the ancient island of Crete, minotauris were captured and locked up by the gods.

Because of fear, they were treated like simple war machines, but now, the minotaurs plan to escape from the labyrinth...

After thousands of years of accumulated fury and rage, they are ready to strike back against the gods who betrayed them.

MinoTauris is an exclusive collection of 1500 NFTs that are secured by Bitcoin thanks to the technology developed by Stacks.

NFTs on the Stacks blockchain are created with Clarity smart contracts.

Ownership of a MinoTauri will give access to incredible opportunities.

MinoTauris was born on May 11, 2020, a project in which two great friends who are developers decided to take NFT projects to another level.

For almost 2 years the project was being developed and focused to be launched on the ETH network but during the month of February 2022 we had the opportunity to meet Stacks thanks to the @Stacks Foundation and that's when we fell in love with this project.

We are aware of the present and future of STX and we want to collaborate in its development.

Stacks is a Layer-1 cryptocurrency that has developed a solution for two main issues BTC faces, being scalability and smart contracts scripting. Instead of deploying smart contracts directly on the Bitcoin chain, Stacks executes them on its own Layer-1 blockchain and uses Bitcoin for settlement only.

Stacks uses a novel consensus mechanism called Proof of Transfer (PoX) which allows Stacks miners to write new blocks on its own blockchain through the mining energy consumed by those same miners on the Bitcoin blockchain. In the PoX-based Stacks Blockchain, there are 2 major network participants: Miners and Stackers.

STX brings smart contracts to the BTC ecosystem. In short, STX makes BTC programmable. There are currently three main benefits that STX brings, namely NFTs, Defi and City Coins.

Clarity is a decidable language that uses interpretable code which means it is more secure and allows developers to see what the code will do before running it.

Hiro Wallet is the most popular and recommended STX wallet.

Note that it is not yet compatible with mobile devices or hardware wallets.

You can download Hiro here.

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